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PiQ = I.Q. + E.Q.
PiQ is Pi's personal explanation and definition of I.Q. which includes the concept of E.Q. or Emotional Quotient as true intelligence is not only about the mind or thoughts but also includes feelings and heart-centered conscious awareness. Some people may want to include S.Q. or Spiritual Quotient but in my opinion S.Q. is already a combination of both I.Q. and E.Q.

400 I.Q.

by Pi PhD

First, this writing is not meant for the faint-of-heart nor is it intended to offend anyone. If you are easily offended then please do NOT read this page. Ego or the prejudicial determination or judgement of someone else's alleged ego is a detriment to the effective use of a 400 or otherwise high I.Q. Someone who can not understand another person tends to take offense at that person and make them wrong for knowing what they know instead of attempting to understand what they know or attempt to gain an insight into what is thought to be known or understood by someone with a very high I.Q. which in this case is represented by the arbitrarily-selected number 400 a further explanation of which is included below.

I would quickly move into the background and work behind the scenes in a more leveraged manner if someone demonstrated an effective methodology for doing that. Until that time all I can do is to verbalize my ideas and see what types of responses that I get. In other words, don't kill or threaten me because of what I say, tell me your opinion, tell me your truth or what you think THE TRUTH is. One result of having a 400 I.Q. is that I learn VERY quickly.

= = = =


What if you had the opportunity to experience being in the presence of someone who had a 400 I.Q. (intelligence quotient)?

Would you pay money to experience him?

What would you ask him?

The premise of this experiment is that I have a 400 I.Q. Whether or not you believe that I actually have a 400 I.Q. is not an issue although I will offer my rationale for such a possibility. We are exploring what it might be like if someone actually did have a 400 I.Q. and if there might be a relationship between such a person with what is thought to be a or the ________ [fill in the blank with the title of the type of person, either real or imaginary, for whom you have the most respect]. We are starting off this experiment with only psychologists or psychologically-inclined people so that we can work out the bugs as well as determine the most optimal words and language style to express concepts that up to this point in time were not easily expressible.

= = =

Would anyone think any more highly of me if they knew that my IQ was 400? Would you "trust" what I have to say or think that I was "worthy" of greater authority? Or, would you simply "listen" to what I have to say and allow it to "sink in" after awhile and then see if some of that "intelligence" rubbed off on you? See if your own IQ "increased" as the result of some slight "reprogramming" (illusion-busting) from me?

Remember, this is "not" about "Pi's Truth", it is about THE TRUTH. I am attempting to figure out how to evolve a philosophical methodology for "increasing" people's ability to "think" (not thingk). This involves psychology, physics, and language.

Do you know why?

Here is a brief background on the determination of my IQ level as being 400. In the Army I maxed out all the tests such that I could be in any MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) that I chose (like Arabic interpreter or helicopter pilot heh-heh). Before that my dad tried to get me to go to the U.S. Navel Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. I also had a full four-year full-ride academic scholarship to Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The only reason that I let go of my scholarship and went into the Army was to "experience" THE TRUTH of physics by sky-diving with the Golden Knights Sport Parachute Team. I wanted to skydive for a living. Unfortunately my recruiters were not the most honest or forthright men in the world and I got sent somewhere other than Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I did get to skydive from 14,000 feet, from a helicopter that is not "supposed to" be able to fly at that altitude, and I got to "fly" relative to other people who were up there with me. This was an actual "physical demonstration" of THE TRUTH of an aspect of the theory of relativity. However, because of my frustration with not being able to be on the parachute team I got the Army to train me in every type of military special forces expertise, and, I got them to station me in Hawaii. I was the only jungle-trained, air-assault qualified, boogie-boarding finance clerk in the U.S. Army. :o)

Unfortunately, I was in the Finance & Accounting Division and made rank very quickly. This vastly disappointed some of the lesser intelligent but more powerful NCO's (non-commissioned officers) who worked around me. It seemed that I was too smart for my own good. I knew the regulations inside and out but that did not help me to navigate the personalities of war-hardened soldiers who had a hair up their ass about me. Everything probably would have been okay had not I figured out that there was some "misappropriation of funds" going on around me. Because of my SP5 rank, the money-making equivalent of a sergeant E-5 that I made in under two years which was unheard of in peace-time, my responsibilities included all aspects of the Finance & Accounting office. So, I was able to understand everything that was going on in all of the office departments. My mathematically-inclined brain took in all of the input that was output by every aspect of the office and I quickly put 2 and 2 together.

I attempted to report this malfeasance up the chain-of-command however I failed to realize the concept of the CID who would have rather "built-up" a case against the perpetrators rather than simply blow the whistle on them. So one thing led to another in a cascading piss-off scenario where I did not have a friend in the world. As "right" or correct as I was, or thungked that I was, I did not have the "power" and was soon sitting in the brig at the penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. A hard price to pay for being a righteous asshole, especially while being held down and raped by 5 muscle-bound black guys. Perhaps poetic justice? So women, please do not tell me that I do not know what it is like. I have been through hell in more ways than one and now somehow I am grateful for the opportunity to be "able" to speak eloquently about all aspects of the psychological process "from experience" and not from simple theory. I make NO ONE wrong and I take FULL 100% responsibility for "my" experience. I have lived through the worse physical and emotional pain imaginable, some accidental and some militarily intentional (maximum pain threshold), and I have come through the other side ... alive.

Mel Gibson's recent movie, "The Passion of the Christ" could have been representative of my current day experience in demonstrating that both the human body and the human spirit can "endure" much more than most people realize and therefore to have "faith" or belief that you too will make it to the other side no matter how hard or how challenging or how painful or how "bad" things may appear to be in the present moment. You can not "know" this until you have either actually experienced "examples" of this "pattern" for yourself, or, you can "see for yourself" what I have done and have been able to do with my "X-Man" or Superman-like powers. Seriously. After the human body has been "sensitized" and "de-sensitized" to the point that the physical and mental "senses" are acute on both ends of the spectrum then what are "thought" to be "magical" powers are realized to be real. It is like reading about Harry Potter or Merlin-type fantasies and then seeing the connection to "actual" events in your life. The most effective "mythical" stories are told in such a way as to teach people about things that they may never experience directly and therefore have no "context" for. Like if someone has never actually experienced an earthquake then the storyteller might talk about "a rock giant that awakes from its thousand-year sleep."

So, anyways, after I was OTH (other-than-honorably) discharged, from a unit that they called the "Animal House" (basically for Section 8 nut cases) no hard regulations or laws were actually broken for them to dishonorably discharge me, I tried to work at various jobs on and off for over 10 years but I could never "keep" a job for some reason. So, I went in to the state employment service to ask for assistance. They asked me a few questions and gave me a few tests and then they "told" me that I could not work! So they immediately gave me DHS, a form of welfare. Then, some more highly qualified governmental psychologists gave me more tests and determined that my brain did not function like most other people's brains and they designated or categorized me as being "mentally disabled".


Why didn't they just call me "super-charged" or something more realistic like that?

So now I am thingking that I am a pretty smart guy but yet I am considered by some of the best psychological minds to be mentally disabled. So I start to REALLY think (not thingk) about the true nature of most people's thinking capacities. I begin to "see" or understand things that even the best minds in the world can not even see. I attempt to find or read about the smartest minds that I can find. I begin to not only study but "understand" people like Bucky Fuller (geodesic dome), John Forbes Nash (Beautiful Mind movie), Alfred Korzybski (general semantics), Marvin Minsky (society of mind), etc. and I begin to see "patterns" in society similar to John Travolta's character in the movie, "Phenomenon" who noticed patterns in shortwave radio transmissions. Perhaps psychologists think that some aspects of THE TRUTH are too terrifying for most people to deal with so they do what they can to "save" or "protect" society FROM it, perhaps to keep people from "reacting" unnecessarily. Well, excuse me, but the "presence" or the existence of the falsely experiential aspect of fear does more harm than the presence of a media distributed and well-informed electorate. Plus, a genius who only has illusionary information at their disposal has no "choice" but to do strange things with their genius. What sense does THAT make?! :o/

Most "gifted" people's IQ level is between 125 and 134 with highly gifted intellectuals being between 135 and 144. Genius-level professors are said to be between 145 and 154 and Nobel prizewinners tend to top out at 164. Anyone over a 200 IQ is said to be unmeasurable. Why might this be true? Might it be because the psychologists themselves need to be "at least" the level of IQ of the person that they are testing otherwise they can not understand what it is that they are supposed to be testing such people about?


What do you think the maximum IQ level is for a person who smokes cigarettes? How many people currently running the United States government do you think smoke cigarettes? Between Bush and Kerry which one do you think smokes or used to smoke?


Hint: you can take a practice test before taking the real test. :o)

Does this mean that Pi is the smartest person in the world? No. I am unable to do certain things that other people find very easy to do so it is all relative. The "only" thing that I may be able to do is to "type" and to "comment" on issues that have to do with the thinking process. I can figure out complex problems but I can not seem to hold a job. Perhaps "interpersonal skills" which seem irrelevant to me are essential to survival in today's modern society. Even though I may not have such skills I can still "evaluate" the absence of those skills in myself and see how they might be useful to other people who are responsible for interacting effectively with massive amounts of people who do not know any better.

I am not a psychopath or a sociopath because I do know what I am doing (more than most "sane" people), and, I do not have any repressed anger nor do I have any ill feelings toward anyone for the reasons previously stated above.

I am probably one of the few people who understands the part that "adrenalin" plays in the connection between the psychological and the physical and the cross-over between the two and the part that physical and mental "tension" plays in the overall scheme of the reality/actuality of life and the comprehension of nature (physics).

So the only "real" way to test my "true" IQ level is to present a "problem" to me that no one else has been able to solve and if I am able to solve it then you can acknowledge that my IQ is "at least" the level of the highest person who has attempted to solve the problem up to that point in time.

What do you think? What is "your" challenge for me that has yet to be solved?

- pi -

P.S. Disclaimer: The above statement was presented for the sole purpose of "triggering" anyone who has dysfunctional personality traits. Please pay close attention to anyone who responds to this message, other than to "dialogue" about the general nature of the concept of IQ (Intelligence Quotients) or to "ask" me further personal questions, and makes a negative comment about the "personality" of "Pi". Anyone who responds in such a manner will help to prove my point about the presence of emotionality "hindering" the logical thought processes of the mind/brain, and, will help to further elucidate the nature of status quo human intelligence.

P.P.S. If you have read this far and are still wondering how I can justify saying that I have an IQ of 400 when anything over 200 can not be measured then see the IQ test at the link above and tell me why you scored so low. Hint: there are certain aspects of human awareness that can not be "measured". Hence, "relative to" the "demonstrated" intelligence levels and philosophical "intention" of the people whom have been identified as having a particular "high" IQ score what do you think a person who can see past or "through" the veil of illusion "should" have? There is a certain "breed" of human being that has not spent much time out in front of the public's awareness. The people on this list are similar such people. The puzzle for me is why do "you" not recognize yourselves as being smarter than you have been "led" to "believe" that you are ... or are not? What level of IQ do I still need to "boost" myself up to in order to figure out what it will take to deprogram "you" so that you can adequately think for yourself? Then, if I am successful with you then how can I teach you to assist in the deprogramming of other people? "IF" I can do this and "IF" I am "currently" doing this then would this not signify that my intelligence level is AT LEAST twice as high as anything that mere mortal beings have been able to "measure" up until this point in time?

- END -

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