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I had a realization that I would like to speak with a few of my friends about. Please feel free to pass on this message to whomever you like. I personally do not fear for my life as this type of truth is objective in nature and needs to be shared with as many people as "CAN" understand it. In this manner the information can then be reinterpreted into other forms and methods of communication and explained in different ways to different people. Thank you in advance for your assistance in continuing this effort to express truth and greater understanding.

The concept of a one-world order or globalization began over 5,000 years ago (yes, WAY before Thales) with our first known philosophers and critical thinkers (intelligencia/illuminati). It was spoken about openly at the time however was not very popular with most people who did not appreciate other people having control over their lives, especially if they lived in distant lands. Therefore almost immediately this all-for-one-and-one-for-all peace-oriented or "togetherness" philosophy went underground. Secret societies formed who were very careful to devise technological methodologies to hide this information from the masses. This secret information began to take the form of esoteric philosophies and religions that were subsets or branches of the major ones. Dramatic metaphors were used in engaging stories to spread the information with the secrets of the true meaning of the stories remaining hidden or at least not very obvious.

The Catholic Church decided to consolidate all of the "stories" together into a single religion to become a "universal" religion which is the true meaning of the word catholic. This action effectively "outed" the previously secret plan for global domination and brought it into public view and forced everyone to participate in it. Looking back in history you can see similar patterns in different parts of the world. "Rome" encompassed all of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Russia at one point.

The current recession and financial crisis of the United States was very likely caused by the people behind the European Union (EU) as a means of bringing not only the United States under EU control but Great Britain as well. Then, as goes the United States so goes Canada and Mexico as well. Plus, the United States is being used to bring the Middle East under "control." Why do you think that Russia and China are being "permitted" to war with countries on their borders? The one-world peace movement is gradually coming together.

The ability to accomplish all of this is a sign of true intelligence which again can be traced back to the first philosophers over 5,000 years ago who figured out the patterns of the weather so as to plant and harvest crops effectively, created mathematical representations of physics, enabled magical feats like lifting multi-ton blocks of stone, etc. So if the average person does not understand physics then they may not understand how a few people can literally control the world to the extent that they appear to have the power of, and perhaps even be, gods or God him/her/it self.

Due to the centralized banking system of Europe the local countries have absolutely no control or say over their their own local economies regardless of their supposedly democratic status. The United States is in EXACTLY the same situation since its banking system is privatized and the allegedly democratically elected politicians have absolutely NO CONTROL or oversight over the U.S. economy as it is at the whim of the controllers. Obama will be "permitted" to be President because only he can "explain" the harsh reality in a way that the people will allow without an all-out revolt or revolution.

We are effectively in a communist/socialist/fascist dictatorship state where the corporations, NOT politicians, literally dictate policy. Your vote literally means nothing. The average person has been demonstrated not to understand enough about physics, biology, psychology, and philosophy to be able to make an educated or informed decision about issues that effect their own lives. However, most people are not expected to understand this and they are permitted to spend the entirety of their lives ignorant of what is really going on...as long as they permit themselves to be controlled/managed like sheep. The Biblical story of the shepherds has greater meaning when you actually see how sheep act in confinement.

Now, what do we, the people who supposedly know better, do about all this?

We attempt to understand it.

It is like a new language that the majority of people will be or are learning to speak. The media is hammering repetitive socialistic-oriented slogans at us 24-hours-a-day so that they become a part of our psyche. Yes, this is literally mind-control. How ELSE could the Democrats receive more than four times as many votes in their 2008 primary as the Republicans did in their primary and the TV news still make it look like McCain was "close" to Obama in popularity?!

Opinion polls? No, "mind controls."

If people believe that the electoral process is actually representative of the desire of the people then they deserve to be called "sheeple" and they deserve what they end up with.

We need to understand the power and intent behind all this for the controllers to gain control of the activities of the entirety of Planet Earth for the general purpose of global peace and harmony. For them, this equates to a common monetary and economic exchange system. Those of us who know better will stay out of the financial interactions of the general public socialistic system as much as possible as "their" (the sheeple's) money will be taken away from them as an on-going demonstration of the controllers' power.

If we understand "THEIR" understanding of the "Christ" principle which is the physical manifestation of God's wisdom on Earth through them (sound familiar?) then we can see that they are even willing to die so that their "purpose" in life lives on and that their "soul" purpose will be "reborn" in another human being to carry on. The same person themselves may not carry on but their soul purpose will carry on. When Jesus asked his disciples who the people thought that he was, he was asking them whose "purpose" did the people think that he was carrying on? In other words which of the previous prophets was Jesus most compared with?

These controller-type people are VERY serious about their goals and highly dedicated to seeing that their goals are accomplished as soon as possible. This "plot" has been talked about in science fiction movies as being very powerful, indestructible, but slow moving robots that generally do not hurt anyone, except, people who get in their way or try to stop them. They will accomplish what they want to accomplish regardless of how long it takes to do it. They understand long-range astrological and astronomical phenomena which they use to their advantage. This is how reincarnation is actually believed to take place. The person themselves is not reborn but rather their life's purpose as communicated to a dedicated student or follower of the master is carried on.

What ever the majority of people do not understand they consider to be evil. So evil is basically that which is unknown or misunderstood. When so-called good is confronted by so-called evil then this is a confrontation between what is known and what is unknown. Evil in this sense becomes the "teacher" or the enlightener or the elucidifier (the maker of lucidity), the bringer of light to the darkness, or light-bringer, which has evolved into the word, "Lucifer" or the Devil (d'evil or "of evil" in French since it was the French Jesuit priests, Jesuit meaning "Society of Jesus" in French, who translated the Bible into most of the other languages). This is why there needs to be a relatively perfect balance between good and evil so that good people have the ability to make a choice of a better option with "enough" evil around so that people know the difference. In other words, if the bad stuff is not obvious or dramatic enough then people don't notice it and therefore don't do anything about it. Evil serves a purpose to teach people what ever they do not know or understand. For example, if you don't actually experience the actual deterioration of the ozone layer which causes catastrophic climate, weather, and other disastrous changes in nature then how can you really understand it outside of theory? You simply can not have "faith" in something that you do not understand so therefore the great teachers of the world need to teach people "enough" about life so that even worse ramifications can be understood and either prepared for or avoided.

Can we avoid a global take-over? Not likely as it is too big for any "group" to try to solve it...


...if even a single one of you people reading this message understands the awesome power of leverage and how, if, a butterfly flaps its wings in China that it can end up causing a tornado in the middle of the United States that the simple re-conveyance or further communication of an effective idea become a long lever and once it takes hold and finds a place upon which to rest its fulcrum that a single person can literally, single-handedly, lift the entire world. Don't be like Ayn Rand's "Atlas" and simply "shrug." Words are like magic, we simply need to find better ones to make the magic work, and keep practicing our magic with a humble heart until we begin to see our seeds germinate and find their own connection with the larger roots of the taller redwoods and through our connectedness to true source spread more macrobiotic potential in new places that were never previously thought to be able to support new growth and new possibility.

Perhaps I am a tiny "monarch" flapping my wings at you now? ;o)

Are you a better butterfly?

If you have any comments or suggestions about the above writing that you would like to share with me then please do so as I am totally open to learning ever deepening and/or expanding levels of any aspect of knowledge that I have yet to confront. Thank you.

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