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Purple Dialogue SpiralPurple Dialogue is the process of bringing two diametrically-opposing points-of-view, represented here by the colors red and blue, into alignment such that they both UNDERSTAND each other's point-of-view. The Purple Theory is that if there is ever disagreement on any issue then this simply means that one or both sides of the issue does not understand the other side's point-of-view. At least one may need to learn something. Either or both people may need to learn how to express themselves better for the specific other person and/or they may need to learn how to learn or figure out what the specific other person is attempting to communicate to them. Once both sides understand each other accurately then mutually beneficial solutions become more obvious. see purple_dialogue_spiral.jpg

Now let's take this concept to a more extreme highly-leveraged level.

By the year 2010 the total amount of information available is expected to double every 72 hours and the digital data generated from storing that information on computer hard disks is expected to double every 11 hours. This means that the majority of people who DON'T understand things accurately grows exponentially becoming increasingly worse at an accelerating rate. Whether or not some calamities are intentionally produced or brought on by nature we can not afford to have MISTAKEN or ambiguous communication cause disastrous events to occur. The Purple Dialogue as applied with people in highly-leveraged positions of facilitative power to eliminate ambiguity BEFORE it is introduced into the exponentiating data delivery stream is an ecoficient maximally-enabling demonstration of Trimtab potential.

Purple Dialogue evolved from the concept of PiALOGUE (Pi Dialogue) and is a highly-defined form of the word "dialogue" which uses a metaphor of the mathematical constant π (pi) as a methodology for finding an unknown quantity that may be impossible to measure or to determine directly from only that which appears to be obvious. For example, a person's words do not necessarily communicate that person's meaning and intent accurately during the initial speaking of those words. Verification of meaning and intent needs to take place otherwise ambiguity tends to sneak into the dialogue like an evil spirit disrupting the integrity or accuracy of our communication without our even realizing that an error has occurred in the expression of our ideas. PiALOGUE Trangulation of The Purple Dialogue Dot

If a circle or "pie" represents the totality of human experience and we slice up that pie into smaller pie-ces and then triangulate on those aspects of individual human experience (represented by the smaller colored dots) and by relating those triangulated experiences to each other (represented by the pink lines) then we can all come to a greater understanding and awareness of the whole pie represented by the Purple Dot in the center. With Purple Dialogue there is no need for giving in, conceding, or otherwise compromising a person's personal opinion because each point-of-view is integral to the overall understanding and awareness of all participants in the Purple Dialogue. see purple_dialogue_triangulation.jpg

Purple Dialogue is a "LIVE" integrally-progressive accurate communication insurance process. It is the TWO-WAY exchange of information by and between ONLY two specific people or groups who desire to accurately understand what each person/group is attempting to communicate. If 3 or more people/groups are involved in a dialogue then the Purple Dialogue aspect only takes place between two specific people/groups at a time to insure that they understand each other accurately before addressing an additional person or group. Purple Dialogue is a social architectural design communication technology component. As a verbal language and thought-oriented concept it requires zero expenditure of additional physical resources and is therefore an ecoficient maximally-enabling activity.

More specifically, Purple Dialogue uses the mathematical expression X -> 0 (as X approaches zero) where X equals the set of ambiguity or the set of unknown variables. To the people of different languages and cultural backgrounds the metaphors in seemingly opposing viewpoints are the unknown variables whose values have yet to be accurately determined by someone other than the actual originator of those concepts.

The Purple Dialogue central dot is that which exists at the theoretical "Zero Point" (absence) of ambiguity, dysfunction, miscommunication, misunderstanding, etc. (see purple_dialogue_dot.jpg). Trangulation of The Purple Dialogue Dot Logo For example, if two points-of-view initially appear to be in conflict with or in opposition to each other then I represent them graphically as a red and a blue dot. The more that each dot expresses the progressively finer points of their perspective the more information that is available for the other dot to consider and the more opportunity they have to respond with additional applicable information that may not have been considered previous to this Purple Dialogue process. Even if the two dots initially think that they are still in opposition to each other, and it may appear as though they are not making very much progress (not changing color), the more that they communicate the closer they get to the theoretical purple line between them. As each dot receives additional feedback from the other dot as to how they are receiving the expression of the other dot at each step of the Purple Dialogue process they have the opportunity to "adjust" their languaging and semantics accordingly for that specific other dot and how the information is being received. As more words are spoken and more illustrative diagrams are presented a new transcendent language evolves that is specific to the two dots. As a new common integral vocabulary grows between them then the distance or separation between them and the Purple Dialogue Dot decreases and X -> 0 (X approaches zero) where X equals the set of ambiguity, dysfunction, miscommunication, misunderstanding, etc.

Purple Dialogue PO Presiding Oligarchical PyramidIf someone who understands Purple Dialogue can accurately communicate with a person in a position of extreme power, like the leader of the presiding oligarchy or Presiding Oligarch (PO), whose singular actions affect the literal majority of the people on Spaceship Earth, then the person utilizing Purple Dialogue will have the ability to enable the implementation or actualization of whatever their objective is whether it be a project or an adjustment in philosophy. Without personal knowledge of the specific intentions of the PO all other actions taken may be counterproductive regardless of how useful they may initially appear to be to someone who is lower on the power pyramid. Therefore, within the course of a single conversation they can be maximally efficient by accomplishing the most productivity with the least effort and the least utilization of physical resources and thus being an example of Trimtab potential. see purple_dialogue_PO_pyramid.jpg

Adding the single phrase "Purple Dialogue" (a trimbtab) to the global vocabulary will not only help guide humanity to a more integral conscious awareness and the optimization of harmonious coexistence, this simple act, in and of itself, uses absolutely no natural resources. It is a simple psychological tweak to the human thought process. Initially the Purple Dialogue enablement is offered to our leaders to apply amongst themselves on matters of the greatest importance and then trickled-down to the general public as it becomes more and more understood.

As a demonstration of the viability of the Purple Dialogue we have been attempting to communicate these concepts with the 2008 Presidential candidates. So far only the Barack Obama Campaign appears to have embodied them in endeavoring to provide truly integral non-partisan solutions.

Purple Dialogue Mediators, Counsellors, & Consultants help people participate in Purple Dialogue to achieve Purple Solutions. Join with us or ask us to join with you to achieve truly integral results. I envision a monk-like service-oriented non-religious non-profit-motivated organization whose sole purpose is to ensure the integrity and accuracy of communication between people and organizations whether they be homeless or in high positions of power and influence.

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